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Telecommunications Cabling

Telecommunications cabling is the design and installation of the voice, video and data infrastructure.  We specialize in structured cabling – inside plant, vertical backbone, horizontal cabling – and generate a large part of our work in this field.  As such, we have installed millions of miles of cabling in all types of residential and commercial buildings.


It starts with design and estimating – our team of engineers and estimators study the construction drawings and design the system based on the requirements specified.  This process can have several iterations so keeping the lines of communication open with all parties involved is critical.  Once the design phase is complete we use our deep relationships with vendors and suppliers to get competitive pricing and innovative products to implement the solution.


Our field crew then installs the cabling, which begins at the main distribution frame (MDF) typically located in the basement of the building.  We connect riser cables, or the vertical backbone, to the equipment and send them up to the intermediate distribution frames (IDFs) located on various floors throughout the building.  After we connect the riser cables to the equipment in the IDFs, we lay the horizontal cabling and terminate them at the outlets in individual units.  Lastly, we install all other required equipment and test the network connections.  The whole time our project managers ensure that the jobs progress according to schedule, remain within budget, and finish on time.


But we never really leave – our warranty period covers most jobs for one year and even after that, our services department takes care of issues that can arise.