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Security Systems

Security is a crucial part of any low voltage solution since it addresses the most important aspect of daily life: safety.  The key components of security are access control/tele-entry, CCTV surveillance and intrusion detection.


Access Control/Tele-Entry

The type of access control system depends on the kind and size of the property.  A residential high-rise in a ritzy neighborhood might require a more high-end solution, whereas a garden style apartment complex might use lock and key.  College dormitories, hospitals and high schools, for example, need extra layers of security and tighter access control.  Regardless of what is needed, we have the experience to design, integrate and value-engineer any solution.


CCTV Surveillance

No one can deny the importance of closed-captioned TV (CCTV) cameras when it comes to security.  Not only are they a major deterrent to crime but provide the visual evidence necessary to catch criminals.  They are virtually everywhere from inside small mom-and-pop stores to outside at football fields.  However, for the cameras to be effective, they need a good digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) system that can record and play back footage.


Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection systems look for motion in a building’s interior space.  If an intruder’s motion is detected, the system will sound an alarm and/or send phone signals to an offsite monitoring company that can call for emergency services.  Implementing intrusion detection systems is critical to properties that contain valuable items, such as museums, banks and retail stores.