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Why HS Solutions

Since 2006 HS Solutions has developed into a prominent low voltage solutions provider in the Washington, DC area.  Growth has been steep and the reasons for this trajectory are what we aspire to every day.



The most important part of what we do is the way we deliver on and off the field.


Client Service

We strive for excellent client service from start to finish.  Through a culture of open communication with our clients we take away ambiguity and make sure all parties have a clear understanding of what’s happening.  Being responsive to our clients’ needs and requests means quick turnaround times to inquiries and decisive action on the field.


Innovative Solutions

We have a vast network of dealers, manufacturers and subcontractors which allows us to be competitive in the marketplace and provide our clients with solutions that are value-engineered and innovative.


Quality of Work

Our level of craftsmanship is evident in our work – our technicians are highly skilled and several posses BICSI as well as other trade certifications that make them the best in the business.  Our clients consistently applaud the quality of our work and the professionalism with which we deliver.


Capable Management

Lastly, our management team, from directors to estimators to project managers is comprised of experienced and competent managers who bring to the table diverse professional and educational backgrounds.



Our sales force understands the business and the needs of our clients better than anyone else.


Knowledgeable Sales Force

Our sales force has deep industry background and experience that translates to the solutions we develop.  Whether the project calls for one or a combination of all scopes, our account managers have the know-how to design the most optimal solution.


Relationship Management

We put forth the effort required to develop relationships with key clients, dealers, manufacturers and suppliers.  Many of our wins initially start as leads that we get from our past clients.  Our relationships with dealers, manufacturers and suppliers allow for favorable pricing that we pass on to our clients.


Risk Management

Risk management is required to make sure projects are completed on time and within budget.  Our account managers and project managers work hand-in-hand with foremen and technicians on the field to ensure projects follow a strict timeline.  Issues that can derail progression are quickly communicated and addressed.


Attention to Detail

Our account managers remain with a project from before design to beyond delivery, and our clients have a direct line to them.



We are experienced in running a company – our financial well-being and operational efficiency are prime examples of that.


Financial Discipline

We tightly control and monitor overhead spending, are thorough in paying our bills, and strive for better terms with our creditors.  We also aggressively go after collections and receivables.  Our growth, while exponential, has been smart: we know when to save money and when to spend money.



Because of our financial discipline and growth we remain highly bondable – this eases the worries that developers and general contractors have and makes it that much easier for us to win contracts.  Our bonding capacity has steadily increased and we expect that trajectory to continue.


Joint Ventures/Prime Contracts

Not only can we engage in successful joint ventures with large national companies, but we can also manage and deliver multi-million dollar projects.


Technological Efficiencies

Several in our management team have IT backgrounds and can implement applications across business functions.  As such, we use enterprise-level QuickBooks software for finance and accounting functions, operations reporting, time sheet management, and certified payroll processing.  The ability to implement and use an all-in-one system allows us to gain efficiencies that are crucial for future growth.